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STRIKE A POSE!!! Productions' Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in STRIKE A POSE!!! Productions' LiveJournal:

Monday, February 20th, 2006
5:05 pm
So so far STRIKE A POSE!!! Productions has three completed movies, The Third Path, Ascension, Locked Blades, a concert filmed, a convention documentary (and a second one in development hell), and a wedding filmed that has not be crafted yet.

But things are going well.

Anyone new watching this blog? I need to get working on my other films soon too!
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
5:50 pm
My uncle the movie nut/failed actor/producer from California has approved one of my ideas!

Though he hasn't said ANYTHING about the other ones, this one is just as good.

The movie is a music video going to the song "Give My Love to Rose" by Johnny Cash. If you haven't heard this song it is one of the most heartwrenching tales of loss and redemption you'll ever hear.

In other words, really really good.

So that's approved. I honestly couldn't have done it without his approval (I can and WILL do the other movies with or without it) because he's the guy who got me into Johnny Cash, and since he actually grew up listening to him. I think his opinion on the matter is important.

Cause he was kind of annoyed when I introduced him to the concept of AMVs + Cash = Good and he was like NO.

Alrighty I've been an LJ whore but more updates to come in the meantime


Saturday, January 21st, 2006
8:50 pm
I have been working for the last hour or so on editing THE THIRD PATH and its going pretty well. I made a movie version file thing of it (still don't get the computer terms but I'm getting there) and it looks decent, but still needs some cleaninig up. I need to find a way to make it look good while in fullscreen too, so it looks good on TV. I have a high res camera after all! I want it to look good.

I'm going to try finishing it up, anyone who has any uncopyrighted music or can make some should contact me, cause I'll need a bit to mask up my huffing and puffing as I follow behind the guys while holding the cam. YEEESH I'm outta shape!

Alex- are you REALLY serious about the saber effects? If so, DAMN this could be fun. And it already is...so that equals...


Movie maker for windows is fine for now, but I need to start raising money to buy Adobe Premier, or get it for free somehow.

In any case, patiently edit, but if you can would you please

11:00 am
Test Post!
Well this is my first attempt at making a LJ community. I am so very confused.

This one is based around STRIKE A POSE!!! Productions, or whatever it will become eventually.

So if I'm doing this website thing wrong, PLEASE TELL ME! AHHHHH. Ok I'm done.

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